Saturday, 4 January 2014

Why I didn't buy the new iPhone

I'm currently at university and having an internet connection is important to me being a young adult in this social network era. Plus I have to do work from home a lot. Everyones internet at Uni is rubbish it cuts in and out is hella slow and therefore causes a lot of frustration.

I decided that I needed something more reliable or at least a back up connection! So I went with Three for my phone contract... giving me truly unlimited data that I can tether to my laptop or even xbox and get a decent connection for £31! This was 2 years ago, and with the iPhone 4S being a great device I happily signed on the dotted line.

2 years have passed its 2014 and the current iPhone is a joke. With the fingerprint scanner being horrendously more gimmicky than Siri, and a slow motion affect being the highlights of this new phone over the 5 I really wonder where Apple's future lies. The only thing of real note was the change to 64bit which allows the device to use more ram (random access memory) which in turn makes the device faster... I hope this is for something big on the 6 because there wasn't any real need for this to be added to the 5s.

Three have pushed the price up also making it not £31 pounds a month but now £41 pounds a month... an extra £240 pounds over the length of the contract. The only possible reason I could give for this happening is the introduction of 4G and now the customers are feeling the burn.

Plus my campus hasn't even got 4G yet, it would take another 5 months for me to take advantage of this. Right now the new iPhone really doesn't offer me a lot more than my current one. Who knows if tethering will work as well from an android device to mac or windows phone. which I was open to swapping to.

So I've decided to cut my losses and not be a mug and just go on a £18 monthly rolling contact giving me tethering abilities and if the 6 is worth it and I can take advantage of 4g or if this phone packs in... I can easily swap and start a new contract.

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