Tuesday, 16 July 2013

You're screwed without battery

I have spent the day in London signing up to the Agency Catch 22, currently unemployed, I really need to find work just to get out of the house and to earn money to either buy a new laptop or to save for when I go back to study at Uni. The good thing about London is that I can charge my phone/laptop in any Cafe and after waiting a very long time for a guy who looked like he was going to move another person suddenly did, by this point I can already bought a sandwich and drink but had just finished both which made me mildly annoyed... was it okay if I moved seat to charge my stuff without a drink by my side? I quickly got up and purchased a coffee I had now spent £9 pounds in this cafe for no real other reason than to charge my phone, which was running desperately low.

Problem solved now, I'm comfortable with using my phone as a personal hotspot *thank god 3* let you truly use unlimited data as otherwise my internet bills would be through the roof! 

I always wondered why people blogged, was it something egotistical that their life had to be documented in some way, that their life events are really worth reading? Even though this day has been mundane I am finding it incredibly easy to type about it and I don't want this blog on my website to be a novelty but more something I stick to. My online Journal, will I get personal into my romantic life on here free for anyone to read, I don't know. What I do know is that for now I am enjoying it but I imagine as soon as I have a job and I'm tired I might not continue on, Who knows... Anyways I still have at least another half hour to kill and updating my blog seemed much more appealing and engaging than reading the King of the World (the story of Muhammad Ali).

Apparently someone plus one'd my last post but you aren't able to see who that was? easily accessibly at least this is frustrating. I would of like to have been able to see who it was... C'mon Google pull your socks up. To be honest this is a great free service they provide. 

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